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Printed board assembly and more: You can leave everything to us.

The Rohde & Schwarz products that we make in Memmingen call for high-end technology and innovative production support. Your products, too, benefit from our specialist capabilities:

  • Advanced manufacturing installations for large and small production series
  • Exceptional flexibility regarding batch sizes – smooth integration of outside production orders
  • Extensive components inventory and favorable contracts with close to 100 key suppliers
  • Single- or double-sided SMT board assembly
  • Wide range of soldering methods, including double-sided nitrogen reflow and wave soldering and selective dip soldering
  • Lacquer coating to aviation industry, military and other standards
  • High production depth, even in mechanical manufacturing; complete manufacturing processes in-house (incl. cutting and non-cutting production, electroplating, screen printing, as well as board and cable production)
  • Ultrafine assembly and microassembly under cleanroom conditions (bonding, flip-chip bonding, etc.)
  • Final assembly on lines or at individual workstations
  • Startup, adjustment and inspection of modules, instruments and systems
  • Seamless QA chain across the entire process
  • High-precision testing and inspection of modules and complete instruments (including visual inspection, X-ray analysis, in-circuit tests, flying probe tests, boundary scans, digital and analog functional tests, BGV A3 industrial health and safety tests, environmental stress screening and antenna measurement)

Your products not only come from the same plant as many Rohde & Schwarz instruments, they are built with the same passion for perfection.

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