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At Rohde & Schwarz, microelectronics assembly begins with technology consultation concerning the variousmanufacturing processes available. In addition to common methods, special processes such as vacuum solderingand thermocompression flip chip bonding with a positioning accuracy of up to ±1 μm are available.

Soldering and bonding processes

  • Vacuum soldering (also GaN components)
  • Hot‑bar soldering❙❙Reflow soldering
  • Electrically conductive and nonconductiveadhesives (isotropic and anisotropic)
  • Thermally conductive adhesive

Bonding and microwelding

  • Wedge bonding and ball bonding method
  • Processing of gold and aluminum wires withdiameters from 12 μm to 50 μm
  • Assembly of different gold and silver ribbonsusing microwelding

Microassembly and module assembly

  • Manufacture of module housings
  • Ultrafine assembly and microassembly underclean room conditions
  • Assembly of individual substrates to form thecomplete electronic unit

Test procedures

  • From automated optical inspection (bond wire AOI andauto-measuring microscope) to electrical testing ofmicroelectronic circuits with frequencies above 110 GHz
  • Pull and shear tests to verify assembly andjoining techniques
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