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Our design and development engineers in Memmingen turn ideas into hardware and software solutions. At the same time, our engineering department is responsible for product-sustaining engineering and for refining and optimizing Rohde & Schwarz products. It also implements design and development projects for external customers.

Our qualifications in the area of development:

  • Development of analog and digital circuits, such as power supplies, drivers, interfaces, FPGAs, CPLDs, A/D and D/A converters, etc.
  • Development of RF circuits, such as synthesizers, receiver equipment, amplifiers, mixers, filter designs, etc.
  • Development of FPGA designs
  • Software development
  • Product qualification (conformance testing)

Our qualifications in the area of design:

  • Electrical and mechanical design, including the first-time design and redesign of individual components, modules and instruments
  • Use of the latest CAD tools, including CR5000 for electrical design and I-deas and NX for 3D mechanical design
  • Design of customer systems and serial production systems
  • Obsolete components management
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