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Free-space antenna factor

As a DKD-accredited lab, we not only calibrate newly manufactured Rohde & Schwarz antennas, we can also calibrate customers’ antennas if required. We are the first company to offer DKD antenna calibration with a measurement uncertainty of 0.35 dB.

Measurands and measurement uncertainty

The following parameters are listed in the calibration report:

  • Free-space antenna factor
  • Antenna gain
  • VSWR

Accredited measurement uncertainty for free-space antenna factor:

Measured range Best measurement capability1)
20 MHz to 10 GHz 0.35 dB
>10 GHz to 18 GHZ 0.40 dB

1) Best measurement capability is defined in accordance with DKD-3 (EA-4/02). It represents an expanded measurement uncertainty with a coverage probability of 95 % and, unless stated otherwise, a coverage factor of k = 2. Measurement uncertainties specified without specific units of measure are values relative to the measured value, unless stated otherwise. Measurement uncertainty is determined individually for each antenna type. The uncertainty depends on the electrical properties of the antenna and may therefore exceed the accredited measurement uncertainty.

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