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Accredited Calibration

Precision is our specialty

The range of services our DAkkS-accredited lab can provide includes all key AF, RF and microwave parameters. The calibrations we perform are directly traceable to national reference standards and include a certificate.

Our accredited measurands:

  • DC voltage
  • Pulse to CISPR-16.1 standard
  • RF power, drain
  • RF power, source
  • Reflection, magnitude
  • Reflection, phase
  • Attenuation
  • Linearity
  • Frequency
  • Time interval
  • Free-space antenna factor

We offer DKD-standard calibration of these accredited measurands for the following instruments and devices:

  • RF power meters
  • RF generators
  • RF test receivers
  • RF spectrum analyzers
  • Network analyzers
  • Attenuation pads (fixed and switchable)
  • Calibration kits
  • Antennas
  • Calibration of RF adapters
  • Other RF test equipment and components

In addition to our range of accredited calibrations, we can calibrate transmitters, generators and components (from DC to 67 GHz) and a large number of equipment types and parameters with the highest precision. Along with the results, the calibration certificates we issue include the measurement uncertainty to international standards (GUM) and traceability to national standards, and thus conform to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1994 requirements.

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